signs your boiler needs repair

Being in the cold for prolonged periods of time can be detrimental to one’s health. For households that are visited by the cold weather regularly, having a boiler around helps a lot. However, you should always be sure that the boiler isn’t showing any signs of breaking down. This is easily done by regularly maintaining it and calling specialists whenever minor problems ensue. By doing so, you ensure the boiler’s longevity and also spare yourself hefty expenses in the long run.


A boiler bogging down on you in the middle of the night is the last thing you want to happen. Not only will it ruin the environment for your family, it will also cost tons to get it repaired. Worse, if it is cold season and you can’t afford to wait for repairs, you might end up buying an entirely new one. Here are some of the telltale signs that your boiler needs attention.


boiler repair morecambeOff Smells

Weird smells brought about by heater usage should be brought to the attention of professionals right away. Gas leaks instantly come to mind and that is a very serious problem to deal with. Leaving this unchecked is not advised as you can get engulfed in carbon monoxide rather quickly. As nobody can see, smell or feel CO, you should get tests done or install detectors in your home. Prolonged exposure to the gas can result in numerous complications and can even be fatal.


High Energy Bill

This would mean that the boiler is not anymore as efficient as it should be. Because it can’t reach its full potential or it takes longer to do so, this will result in higher energy costs. Problems such as this usually warrant immediate replacement. If you are hesitant to do so, you can hire a professional to take a look at it as well. They will be able to advise you on the remaining lifespan of your boiler and whether it is better to have it repaired or replaced.


boiler repair lancasterWeird Noises

As with any device that has mechanical parts, they should not have any weird noises. Otherwise, it is safe to assume something is amiss. Be sure you are aware of your heater’s regular sound. That way, you’d know if something was off when it sounds differently. Hissing sounds would mean that there are iron deposits or sludge lodged inside. These would cause an uneven distribution of water that can cause the boiler to overheat or shutdown. On the other hand, a change in the furnace’s sounds would indicate a problem with certain internal components.


Appearance of Puddles

Puddles of water would obviously mean a leak in the machine. Leaks make it harder for the boiler to continuously offer heat as there are losses along the way. A repairman should be called right away to alleviate the problem and save on energy costs as well as to prevent further damage to the boiler.