how to avoid boiler breakdown

power-flush-central-heating-systemSludge Cause’s

Central heating systems are composed of boilers, pipes, radiators and the thermostat controls. While this structure worked out for several decades, people have begun seeing problems especially around winter. Switching on the boiler during the cold season can sometimes be a problem. Likewise, radiators also get discolored and even worse, your pipes get infected by black sludge that can become too thick to even see through.


This sludge is simply a formation of rust that has accumulated from radiators and other end-user devices. When all these fall down to your central heating system, you’ll find that it’ll grow inefficient. A good analogy would be the effect of fatty foods on your heart. The more it accumulates, the more dangerous it is for you. While there are ways we can cure this, the old saying, “prevention is better than cure,” is also applicable to central heating systems.


sentinel_x100_inhibitor_1lAdd an Inhibitor

With an inhibitor in place, rust will not form inside the central system anymore. Inhibitors coat the metal and prevent it from chemically reacting with other substances.


Removing Sludge using Magnaclean

When sludge has already formed, it can be tough to remove. As the sludge is a combination of various metal oxides, it is inherently magnetic. Despite people knowing this for several years, there were numerous different approaches to the problem that involved complex solutions and compounds. Recently, Adey Ltd solved this with a simple approach which they coined Magnaclean.


How does Magnaclean Work?

This ingenious device simply sits inside your central heating system and does all the work for you. It utilizes a magnet to clear the water running through it by attracting all the metal oxides. As soon as it is full, you simply pull it out, wash it and return it to its position.


magnaclean-filterMagnaclean doesn’t prevent rust 100%. However, it does minimize any damage caused by rust. That’s why it can be used in conjunction with an inhibitor too. Some critiques say that all you need is an inhibitor and don’t need any Magnaclean. While their functions do coincide, it would actually be better to have both in place. Why? Well, how do you know you have placed sufficient inhibitor? Magnaclean could be a way to ensure that you are protected on two fronts.


Overall Benefits

Magnaclean helps you in numerous ways. Maintenance of the central heating system is minimized as it works independently and only needs to be cleaned when it is full of metal oxide. This results to a more efficient central heating system which, in turn, results to savings on resources. Additionally, carbon emissions are also drastically reduced when Magnaclean is put in place.