small bathroom design ideas

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

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Homeowners always wish they could invest more space for their bathrooms. Bathrooms are very important and are used just as often as the kitchen. Why is it that only the kitchen is spacious though?

Bathrooms are where we relax after a long day at work or school. We aim to unwind and pass the time there but the small dimensions can be very dissuading especially if there is clutter all around. It is unfortunately the nature of homes for bathrooms to be small. That’s why it is important to plan the bathroom carefully so you can enjoy it to the fullest. Here are some steps on how to accomplish this.

Clear Reflective Surfaces

Using glossy tiles on the walls and the floor can give the illusion of more space. Likewise, using a glass enclosure to separate the shower can also achieve the same effect. When both are in place, you’d be surprised how spacious the room looks.

Additionally, adding a mirror in strategic places will also do the same. Not only does it help spread out the light but it also adds more space and depth to the bathroom.

home-bathroom-fittingUse Bigger Tiles

Using bigger tiles is a simple and effective way to declutter the floor. With small tiles, you have more edges and corners that are noticeable. This can end up being hard on the eyes. Big tiles, on the other hand, have lesser endpoints and look smoother because they cover a larger area. This makes the floor look like a large fluid space as opposed to broken down parts which is exactly what small tiles achieve.

Use Small Fixtures

It is important to have a clear mindset when fitting the room with fixtures. You shouldn’t be dismayed at having a small bathroom and not having enough space for the fixtures you had in mind. Instead, you should only purchase fixtures that will suit the bathroom you have. Most of the bathroom fixtures we consider almost always have compact versions. Vanity units, cabinets, shelves and the like all have smaller versions which you can use for smaller bathrooms.

Also, you can save more space by using wall hung fixtures like toilets and sinks. These have the mechanisms to be installed without bases and as such, require less space and fit into corners nicely.

Remove Clutter

Cabinets, shelves and other storage spaces should be maximized to minimize clutter on the outside. Clutter can make the bathroom look smaller than it actually is. If you need additional storage, overhead racks and shelves can also help.

bathroomUtilize Color Schemes

Taking advantage of natural light is a very cost-effective and also space-saving tip. Using light colors for the walls help make it utilize natural light efficiently. White is the ideal color to go with but other soft colors like latte, magnolia, caramel or mint green would also do nicely. Additionally, color schemes and patterns should also complement one another. They shouldn’t be too excessive otherwise the room can get too confusing. Mismatched patterns and fussy furniture will also contribute to visual clutter.

Have a Focal Point

It is also worth having a piece de resistance in the bathroom. This’ll be your central point that should automatically capture the attention of the person going in. Doing this is important as it keeps people’s attention on a single object which sways them from the looking to in depth at other areas